The Om Room Energy Clearing Kit
The Om Room Energy Clearing Kit

The Om Room Energy Clearing Kit

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Energy Clearing Kit: This kit has everything you need to clear the energy and bring healing into any space. Includes: White Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite Crystal & Dried Lavender.

  • PALO SANTO: Thick hand-cut wood from the fallen mystical trees of Peru, Palo Santo has been used for centuries to help clear negative energy and promote healing.
  • WHITE SAGE: Harvested in California. Used in ancient spiritual rituals across many cultures, burning Sage is believed to purify your space and clear negative or blocked energy.
  • SELENITE CRYSTAL: Mined in Morocco, this crystal clears negative energy, purifies space, brings peace and aids spiritual growth.
  • LAVENDER: Harvested in Oregon and known to promote relaxation. Either place nearby or crush with fingers; breathe in and let the mesmerizing scent ground you and add a little extra calm into your day.
  • 100% natural, ethical & sustainable materials. These kits make for a perfect energy healing gift. Unisex friendly!

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