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200 Hour Teacher Training: Fall 2024

Want to find your voice and deepen your personal practice? Interested in learning to teach? There is so much to explore. 
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Enrollment in and admission to Yoga Teacher Training programs requires completion and submission of an Enrollment Agreement and any other materials provided by CorePower Yoga, and acceptance into a program by CorePower Yoga. We will provide you an Enrollment Agreement and any other materials in connection with your purchase of a program, all of which must be submitted in accordance with instructions provided by us.

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Hear from Our Graduates

I’m so thankful I did Teacher Training because it made me more confident to speak in front of people. I have so much more respect for the teachers because what they do is not easy! This was such a great experience that I hope all yoga students do, even if they don’t plan to teach

Nicole H.

Fantastic. I took their teacher training and found it well-planned and really thorough and affordable. In addition, the teachers are great and the whole vibe is fantastic

Christina T. 

I was constantly impressed by the depth of my instructors’ knowledge about asana, anatomy, philosophy, and Sanskrit. We discussed making each pose as accessible as possible, using inclusive language, and prioritizing consent before conducting hands-on assists. My own practice gained much more depth...

Trisha M.

I absolutely love Core
Power and the people there. I did their teacher training program which helped me in my personal practice as well as work towards teaching there. It's a great community to get involved in and be apart of

Renee D.  

What Makes Us Unique:


Experience the most innovative and immersive Yoga Alliance-certified curriculum focused on an inclusive learning environment, hands-on practical learning, and DEIB topics aligned to yoga.


Fit for any schedule, we offer in studio & online training options with self-paced content. to give you the most flexibility.


Learn from yoga experts, seasoned coaches, and access 20+ years of CorePower Teacher training expertise.


Join a nationwide community of 50,000+ CorePower trained yoga teachers who have a deep understanding of anatomy and how to teach yoga safely as well as yoga history and philosophy


Absolutely. Teacher Training is an amazing way to transform your personal practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga and yourself. You'll join a community of people with a shared passion and desire to learn more about yoga. Whether you decide to teach or not is up to you, and not essential to the experience.

Our Teacher Training programs bring flexibility to those with a busy schedule. While a certain number of hours are required live, virtual sessions are also accessible through recordings that can be watched at a later time. We also offer the flexibility of our Online program. The program must be completed within 1 year of starting to receive your certificate.

Exact program schedules vary by location, see location details on our 200 Hour Teacher Training page for more information. All programs include multiple ways to learn through class experience, visuals, journaling and practice teaching. Here is a general schedule:

  • Meet 2x a week in the evenings for 3.5 hour long sessions, including breaks + Two required weekend intensives in Week 1 and Week 5.
  • Most Saturdays will be online, except for the weekend intensives, final exam and final sessions (Week 8 and 9)
  • For Online Teacher Training programs, sessions will happen simultaneously and be recorded and available within 48 hours for make-up sessions

A sample schedule during an intensive:

  • Tu/Th: Meet at the Cherry Creek studio 5-8:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: C1 Weekend Intensive 9-4pm
  • A sample schedule during a normal week.
  • Tu/Th: Meet at the Comm Ave studio 6-9:30pm
  • Saturday: Online Zoom Lecture 3-6:30pm

Our program totals to 200 hours of content learned in both self-paced and live (in-studio or online) sessions. Your learning will also include taking yoga classes and journaling. Some lecture topics include:

  • Anatomy
  • History of Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy - 8 Limb Path
  • Pranayama (Breath Practice)
  • Meditation
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Cultural Competence + Inclusive Teaching
  • Practice teaching & posture breakdowns
  • Sequencing & Theming a class experience

For students that are completing their Teacher Training program in-studio, the following requirements are needed for graduation: 

  • Attend Virtual Orientation
  • Attend Mandatory Weekend Intensives
  • Miss no more than three (3) sessions during the 9 weeks of program
  • Watch all required online content
  • Make-up all missed sessions
  • Complete 50 yoga classes + journals
  • Complete a journal and quiz for all sessions (in-studio, online, pre-recorded 

For students that are completing their Teacher Training program online, the following requirements are needed for graduation: 

  • Attend Virtual Orientation
  • Attend Mandatory Weekend Intensives
  • Must attend at least five (5) Practice Teaching sessions
  • Watch all required online content
  • Make-up all missed sessions
  • Complete 50 yoga classes + journals

Our attendance requirements allow students to miss 3 sessions (about 10.5 hours).These sessions can be made up by watching the recording of the Online session, available within 48 hours.

For students that anticipate missing more than 3 sessions, we recommend that you connect with your Program Lead.

For students who think they will not be able to adhere to our attendance requirement, we recommend you join our Online Program or consider joining a future session.

In our fully virtual program, we follow the same curriculum and have the same experienced trainers who are E-RYT200 or E-RYT500, but you can join from any location with reliable internet! The program offers a flexible schedule – students are asked to complete a minimum of 5 practice teaching sessions and can choose which sessions they participate in. Online Teacher Training also provides wider exposure to different perspectives in the yoga community as we have facilitators from various cities and students from across the US and even from other countries. We’ve had students join us from Mexico, Australia, Greece, China and more!

Our Saturday lectures are shared between our Online and In-studio programs. We also record our Online program sessions so students who miss sessions in studio can still access the content and watch the recordings. 

Because our Online and In-studio programs take place at the same time, it gives our in-studio learners the flexibility to jump into any online session if they can't attend in studio due to conflicting travel, illness or any other reason. 

Your first session will be a virtual orientation via Zoom so create a space for learning in your home and get ready to learn, move, and deepen your yoga practice or unlock your inner teacher! For your first in-studio session, bring your yoga mat, pen, and wear clothes you can move in as you’ll do a yoga practice! Once you enroll, you’ll get access to a digital copy of your course materials and receive a physical copy from your program lead before or on your first day.

Generally, there will be a coach for every 7-10 students so you feel supported on your journey. Typically our in-studio sessions host 20-40 students, unless you are participating in one of our larger New York programs which will host 50+ students.

We typically hold Teacher Training sessions 3 times per calendar year.
Find more information on upcoming teacher training sessions.

Feel free to reach out to our Teacher Training specialists to receive further details or ask any questions!

As most yoga companies recognize Yoga Alliance, your 200 Hour certificate will set you up for success if you decide to teach or continue your education. You'll just need to register with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga.

Our 200-hour program adheres to the Yoga Alliance requirements so your teacher training certificate from CorePower Yoga meets their expectations. It is up to the participant to complete all their individual requirements and submit to Yoga Alliance to become certified.

Registering with Yoga Alliance is optional and can be done anytime after you complete your 200-hour Teacher Training requirements.